You have a lot of power…when you’re dead

George Andreas Fereos
3 min readDec 3, 2022

I assume you have experienced a human loss in your life.

The loss I’m referring to is death.

I will also assume the human you lost had a ceremonial send-off.

What did you see at the funeral? Get past the sombre occasion and focus on the celebration. Follow me here, please.

The celebration was a gathering—a gathering of mortal souls celebrating an immortal soul.

When you die (based on the fact that no one has made it out alive, yet), you too will be celebrated, but you will never know, you will never see, and you will never realise how much you were loved, respected, and honoured, but what is in your power is how you will be celebrated. To live in the knowledge of your power is the ultimate sacrifice, but equally, it’s the ultimate enlightenment to living an infinite finite life.

We’re only here for a short time, so why not have a good time?

What’s a good time? I’m sure you have your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, but for a moment, let’s explore “a good time” through the lens of the ultimate relationship builder… The conversation.

Have you had the type of conversation where time stood still?

The type of conversation where 2 hrs felt like 2 minutes?

The type of conversation where connection was the main frequency?

Now go back to the person you lost. How did they make you feel? Did you use to converse with them? Did you wish you had more time with them?

The other mourners that were at the funeral all had their personal memories of the beautiful human who left them, and I am confident they were connected more so than any other way, through conversation.

The more people you converse with, the more connection you will establish. Connection is frequency. Frequency is vibration. Vibration is feeling. Feelings are dancers of senses. Senses are conscious stimuli of the unconscious. As you move in this world, your unconscious will be plugged into your connection. Your power is the connection.

You will walk this earth with an unknown superpower that will only be discovered when you’re dead. That’s the ultimate sacrifice.

Scroll up to the first question I asked — What did you see at the funeral?

I would say you saw and found the power of connection through a divine being. What was special about that once human? It may have been that they touched your soul at one stage of their journey that helped you navigate your continuing journey.

Maya Angelou, the spiritual being who, when here, was a poet, actress, activist, and world-renowned writer who left remarkable quotes that we, who are still left, could use as coping mechanisms, mental models and tools that help us navigate through this thing called life, just like this one;

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

And this is how you will have a lot of power…when you’re dead.