Self-improvement by eliminating one word

One word you could delete

George Andreas Fereos


to live your most rewarding life.

I lived most of my life (occasionally, still live it) by calling myself a To***r. For the folks who are not accustomed to this word (basically, for those who are not British ), a to***r is a rude slang word for a harsher slang word associated with the male genitalia, beginning with a W and ending with an R.

Ultimately it results in your inner voice pulling your self worth down to the bottomless pit of self loath.

Thankfully, many people I meet, interact with, connect to, call me a top fella.

Top fella

I say thankfully because my life’s purpose gets played out by my children witnessing what happens when I interact with people. They see that people dig me. That makes up a large portion of my “why”.

Sidestep, just for one minute, and let me say, I know I’m not going to get on with everyone I meet, and I probably grind on people's nerves. I may have made the occasional driving error that has forced someone to become reactive, angry and felt justified in calling me a rude word (as they were in their vehicle) whilst they were trying to get to their destination one car ahead faster than they would have otherwise (yes, tongue and cheek at it’s wittiest).


Let me continue with elaborating on the “why”. When you show your intrinsic kindness (I believe we all inherit that quality), you will receive external compassion back (so long as you don’t expect it).

I’m a beast with no reach on social media. I write blogs, articles. I post a ridiculous amount of content on a few platforms, yet, the reason that towers above all reasons is to show my work because when I’m gone, my children can look back and see what a journey of trying to be a good human looks like.

The Journey of what it might look like

I took a longevity test, a prediction of sorts of how long I have left as a mortal. I took it because I wanted to find out how many books I’m likely to read until the end of my life if I continue reading at the rate I am now. The result was interesting (as well as disappointing) because if I continue my life in the same ilk, I’m staying around until I’m 90. Being 47 now, I know this number could be tomorrow, and although I’m grateful, no algorithm data software can predict a natural phenomenon. I have tattooed on my brain “Tomorrow I will die”, which is a Stoic saying, but I also am aware I might die after writing this or before I even finish it (he had unfinished business, I can hear someone say at my Eulogy). This is why I MUST show my work.

An extraordinary spiritual leader called Wayne Dyer (RIP) quoted, “don’t die with the music still in you. My music is not labelled. I don’t fit into a ticked box. None of us do, but our values will always be our Modus Operandi.

My music, work, value to leave is for a model that has been created filled with strategies, systems, methods, branches so my kids can grab the opportunities and make their sense of this thing called life.

What does your journey of a human experience look like, and what word do you need to delete to get where you want to go?

Hold On 2 Ur Soul U Got A Long Way 2 Go.

Hold on 2 that soul