The good stuff

Look up! That’s where you’ll find the good stuff.

Five places that when you look up, will enhance your awareness for mental wellness.

George Andreas Fereos
5 min readMar 21, 2022


What do you find when you look up? Space. The space mentioned is NOT the space in the galaxy; its headspace. You will see vastness, even though you might focus on an element. For context, you could, but I would like you to surpass the observation towards the imagination.

Looking up creates space. It feeds the subconscious that influences the conscious.

As a coach in the wellness space, the more I learn, the more emphasis on evidence becomes ever more critical, mainly when serving a small viable audience. As a collective, we are better together and can go further together. If I offer poor, unrevised, lack of research advice or cited opinion, my words become arbitrary and can be met with doubt and eventual cancel.

I do not want that, but at the same time, I’m not a student in the literal sense of psychology, although like the rest of humanity, I’d like to think I am a student of life that relies on psychological insights and cues.

Look up, and you will find stillness whilst there’s busy movement all around you. Movement to where?

Take this question personally, where are you going? Quite an open ending question, you might be thinking? Yes, because how could you possibly know where you’re going if you’re constantly moving?

Movement in stillness

In my coaching practice, movement plays a massive role in wellness, and so do three other factors. Factors I have called pillars. Those are

💜 Self Care

❤️ Self-love

💚 Nutrition

💙 movement.

Part of the machinery for my movement forward has always been about asking three questions so ultimately I can serve better.

Operating system

1) With what I create today, will it work tomorrow?

2) Am I creating the habits to take me to my future self?

3) What do I really want?

For anyone who follows James Clear, full transparency, I am continually inspired by the great words from this great man.

The answers are NEVER the same FOR LONG. And that’s the beauty of life. It may be finite, but let’s live infinitely while you’re here.

How does anything last long?

It all depends on what you would consider long, but let’s hopefully agree contextually that lasting length is determined as a learned experience. The study doesn’t stop, so how does anything last long?

Longevity requires nurture, care, compassion, empathy, awareness, love, creativeness, and above all else, variety.

Look up, and you will see all those things in abundance.

I have five views. If you tilt your head and look up, that might help you find out where you’re moving towards.

1) The daylight sky — Give it more than a second, and you’ll be transferred into the meditative world of stillness, which will create movement.

While you’re looking, ask yourself, what colour is it?

How is it formed?

Where does your imagination take you whilst you make reason of the cloud shapes?

The vastness.

2) Architecture — Look at the tallest buildings. They’re all drenched in historical value. How were they built? Mesmerising many of these buildings are.

How much time do you have for this?

3) Sunset. How much time will you give for a sunset wherever you are in the world?

It’s non-negotiable, right? You’re observing movement in stillness.

4) The top of trees. The Incredible world plants which we don’t have to worry about nurturing. Nature does it for us. How could branches teach us? Look at a branch, and you will see beauty, but by definition, if you describe it, the labels put upon them are pretty degrading. Descriptive words like hideous, ugly, deformed, crooked but have a purpose: sprout beautiful looking leaves that help the world breathe. To be a landing base for birds. To give shelter, security, protection for all beings. Looking at the top of a tree when the wind blows, have you ever taken the time to watch the beauty in motion? Once again, you’ll be still observing movement, and I’d like to add that emotionally, you’ll be moved somehow as our body’s chemistry connects with the frequency.

5) Churches — Please put aside your religious beliefs and walk into a church.

The church is a place of worship. What are you worshipping? A higher power. One that is not mortal, so you would need to look high for such a being.

In the Goth era (which originated in 12th century France), the churches were built with high fitted stained glass windows. These windows would allow light to enter the building creating a “heavenly atmosphere”.

If you observe social media “influencers”, you will see they create attention-grabbing videos through the intentional placement of lighting that is typically positioned high. It’s all connected.

Look up and that’s where you’ll find the good stuff

To conclude, looking up can put you in a meditative state. It can allow for dreams to occur, and your imagination can transmit images of your future self.

An area of the brain becomes stimulated through religious experiences, meditative states, dreaming, and anything that forms a creative visual space. Science has said that upward deviations of the eyes have accompanied experiences of these kinds.

Thank you for looking down for a few minutes whilst reading this. Time to look up through your unique imaginative lens, which I hope has been aligned well.



George Andreas Fereos