How deep do you have to dive?

George Andreas Fereos
4 min readFeb 17, 2023

On the surface, you may see that life has no meaning.

Pretty profound statement, right? Well, the surface level normally gives us a superficial look at something anyway, so let’s give ourselves the opportunity to search for meaning. How? We dive deep.

How deep do you have to dive?

To the depth that starts to scare you.

Then what?

Stay there. Be present. Look at the lies you told yourself, meaning it’s not that scary.

Then what?

Assume the diving position again and Hold On 2 Ur Soul, because You Got A Long Way 2 go.

Meaning for you may be waay different from my meaning, but there’s something that’s capturing you to stay here and possibly find out if my words can be turned into your works, especially for finding meaning.

Let me give you the mic drop moment and you can decide if you want to carry on this reading ride.

The search for meaning is in the search.

Did that drop?

You, me, NO ONE knows what the meaning is, because no one has made it back alive to tell us.

Am I saying that all the greatest thought leaders, thought provokers, intellects, scientists, philosophers, academics, teachers, psychologists, and YouTube influencers should be dismissed or ignored for their thoughts on the phenomenon of life?

No! If you feel they help your search, then listen to their wisdom, IF IT HELPS.

My belief is that you’ve already got the answers, but you don’t have them for long (hold this thought).

Here’s a thought experiment; Think of a successful time in your life. Something you classify as success.

First, let me ask you what your definition of success is?

Here are some researchable definitions:

  • Reaching a goal or accomplishing something you’ve set out to achieve.
  • The achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.
  • A favorable or desired outcome.
  • The attainment of wealth, favour, or eminence.

Returning to that successful thought and based on the definitions above, does your success memory still stand as a success? I don’t know about you, but none of these definitions jump out and bite me. I like success to be determined as something more rewarding than just an accomplishment, but I guess it’s contextual. So, I’ll ask you again with no definition — Think of a successful time in your life… Got it?

Who’s with you? What are you seeing, tasting, smelling, and touching? What are you feeling? Are you giving or receiving? How are you being of service?

Did that last question throw you? My hunch is that the most successful time in your life was when you were making others smile.

From my experience in this land of wonder, we do not enjoy being sad, hurt, upset, low, or ill. Conversely, we enjoy being happy, smiley, joyful, playful. We love to laugh, and we love to love. Do we love it more than wanting and watching other people loving to laugh and loving to love? I don’t think we do. There’s no evidence of that, but smiles and laughter are infectious. I defy you to not smile when others are directly smiling at you. I defy you to not laugh when someone is laughing with you. It’s not the place to go into what science says about laughter and the release of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, but I can guarantee laughter is good for the soul.

Here’s my take on success. If you’re laughing and loving daily, you are successful. Here’re are three heavyweight quotes that back up my theory:

“The love and laughter are what you need most in your life. They’ll fill out all the potholes in the road,” Maria Shriver

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing,” — Mother Teresa

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live,” — Johnny Depp

Earlier, I asked you to hold on to a thought. I said, “You’ve already got the answers, but you don’t have them for long.” Love and laughter are always temporary, but no one is stopping you from permanently joining the love and laughter dots.

Now please go turn these words into works.