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Give yourself up to natures evolve

Today (a day in July 2021), I listened to a podcast episode where the guest was someone I had never heard of before, but he was massive in the digital media YouTube space.

His content would have never made a dent in my algorithm, so it stands to reason why I’d not heard of him before. I felt a little disappointed as I’d not heard of him because I thought I was pretty aware of confident leaders of their arena, but clear to see I’m not. It is with that realisation that allowed my creative thought seed to grow from 6:20 am this morning when I heard the episode to now 10:18 am as I sit and write my entry with a magnificent headspace.


The podcast was “The diary of a CEO”, hosted by the brilliant brain of Steven Bartlett, and he was interviewing/talking to a giant of a man known as the True Geordie. His real name is Brian Davis, and as I said, I’ve not heard of this chap before.

What struck me the most was the persistence to be the best he could be and not just in one sector. An all-round success in any field he decides to play in.

He was extremely humble, and his reciprocity towards Steven was from a deep emotional, empathetic place. I connected to this big, brash soft man, but only with what he was saying in the episode. Normally, historically, I would have felt propelled to contact him or connect, however, on this occasion I was happy in the fact I was allowed to listen in on this fascinating conversation.

The comparisons undoubtedly crept in, but I condensed it and channelled my focus to what I was in control of. I listened to the connective values and methods of business beliefs, Brian’s visions, doubts, vulnerabilities, strategies. I kept a close ear to pick up a magic moment hopefully. It came late in the episode when Steven asked him, “what’s the future look like?”

Keep going in darkness to find the light that shines

He said to “evolve constantly”, life is too short to be focused on that one thing. Whilst many would argue against that, I am a true adopter of this mindset.

I’ve been describing myself as an illiterate polymath, but I use those words to hide behind my imposter syndrome as my counselling sessions have shown.

Last night I was having a conversation with a dear one and we covered a lot of topics, and I was given the freedom to self express what’s been going on in my life ( I keep it in because I vision people who listen to my stories would prefer watching paint drying) and I came up with an analogy of how my year (with Covid) has looked like — from a business point of view (business for me is life so that you could say from my life’s point of view).

One clause

It’s like someone, some force, took me from this country (UK) and plopped me in a country where I did not know the language and had a few of my basic domestic needs. So I was not reborn or anything like that. My inner voice spoke, “ok George, you’re in a foreign country, you don’t know the language, you have little knowledge of the culture, positively speaking, you have your skill set, your experience. We know you lack talent, but you have an abundance of GRIT, combine that with your hidden self-belief to make four figures a month, but with one clause, you do it online”.

So, reflecting on the last two weeks specifically, it seems many of the loose pieces of the puzzle are now starting to fit. It seems my digital language is getting better. It seems my GRIT is the winning formula. I’ve gone from a dinosaur offline Personal trainer running a glorified hobby as a business to a potentially prospective practical, meaningful online coaching business.

You can

I’m nowhere near the success I am striving for, which is to be philanthropic with my income through my purpose. Still, if there was ever a phrase that allows me to understand, I’m following my intuitive “why”, it is to

I'm someone who's travelling a journey like many, and realising without implementation of application I will not amplify the ambition of self actualisation

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George Andreas Fereos

George Andreas Fereos

I'm someone who's travelling a journey like many, and realising without implementation of application I will not amplify the ambition of self actualisation

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